Any of the Sugar Valley’s systems which you select for your swimming pool can be connected to our communication modules. With our remote control modules we can connect to all of our systems via the Internet.



The vistaPOOL automation control means that the equipment parameters for the pool or spa’s ecological water treatment can be monitored and altered over a remote Internet connection. With just a PC, smartphone or tablet, control from anywhere in the world via an Internet connection.

Remote monitoring and modification of parameters.

Real-time control over water quality.

The systems can send out warnings or information about pre-defined situations by email or SMS.

Swimming pool maintenance professionals can control a multitude of pools without having to travel.

The software automatically generates statistics reports from its parameter records.


  • Real-time water quality control.
  • Monitor and control: water pH, redox, free chlorine, water conductivity and salinity, pool temperature (using a heat exchanger).
  • Control filtration periods.
  • Timed automatic operation (up to 3 periods / day).
  • Turned on and off MANUALLY.
  • Timed automatic operation (up to 3 periods / day).
  • Turned on and off MANUALLY.
  • As many as four additional auxiliary controls.

Controlling filtration

• Automatic mode (or timer): Filtration in this mode is turned on by timers which be adjusted to set the time to start and end filtration. The timers are always activated on a daily basis.

• Manual mode: Start and stop the filtration process manually. Without timers or additional functions.

• Smart* mode: This mode is based on the automatic or timer mode, with three filtration intervals, but the filtration times are adjusted according to the temperature. This is done by setting two temperature parameters: the maximum temperature, above which the filtration periods will be established by the timers, and the minimum temperature, below which the filtration shall be reduced to 5 minutes. The filtration times shall be linearly proportional to the range of temperatures between these limiting values. The anti-freezing mode can also be activated.

• Heating* mode: Timer with heating option: This mode acts in a similar way to the automatic mode, but it also includes the option of operating by a relay which controls the water temperature.

• Intelligent* mode: The user can define two operating parameters in this mode: The desired water temperature and the minimum filtration time (within a prescribed range of 2 to 24 hours). Filtration starts up for at least 10 minutes every 2 hours in order to check the water temperature. The minimum filtration time selected is divided into 12 periods and the extra hours of heating reduced for the total hours of filtration / day, thus optimizing energy consumption.

(*) Modes only available when the equipment incorporates temperature sensors.

All of our systems can incorporate the VISTAPOOL automation option.