SUGAR VALLEY’s complete range of ecological water treatments specifically designed to meet the needs of:

Residential and Commercial Public Swimming Pools, Wellness Hotels, Beach Resorts, Spas, Sports Clubs, Campsites, Home-owner Associations, and so on.


Sugar Valley in over 30 years’ designing and manufacturing automatic disinfection systems for ecological water treatment, Sugar Valley has achieved the following:

  • REDUCTION of the overall consumption of chemical products.
  • ELIMINATION of chloramines without having to frequently replace the water.
  • AUTOMATION and OPTIMIZATION of the swimming pool’s operation.
  • REDUCTION in maintenance, a significant reduction.
  • CONTROL over the pool’s conditions and parameters, in real time, with remote communication 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.


  • Hidrolife: Saline electrolysis
  • Aquascenic: Hydrolysis + Copper and silver ionization.
  • UVScenic: Hydrolysis + Ultraviolet.
  • Oxilife: Low-salinity hydrolysis or electrolysis.
  • Bionet: Saline electrolysis + Copper and silver ionization.
  • Hidroniser: Copper and silver ionizer (with in-line flocculant).
  • Station: Automatic regulators of chemical products in general.


Max. number of swimmers / day (150 people) x 10 g of Cl = 1,500 g

Volume in m3 (250 m3) x 2 g of Cl = 500 g
(multiply by 2.5 g instead of 2 g for the case of children’s pools)

1,500 g + 500 g = 2,000 g of Cl required / day

2,000 g / (12 hours) daily filtration period = 166.66 g / hour

    The models needed to provide maximum production in this example are:

  • Hidrolife: SAL-175.
  • Bionet: BIO-175.
  • Oxilife: OX-6.
  • Aquascenic: HD-6.
  • Hidroniser: AQ300 (sized according to the volume, as it does not generate oxidizing agents).
  • Station: ST1 (select a pump according to volume, from KB5-5 and upwards, as this measures and controls the conventional chemical product without relying on an alternative treatment).


COMPARISON of HIDROLIFE saline electrolysiswith conventional systems relying on chemical products:

47% annual savings in costs.
41.880 € saved during the ecological solution’s service life.
1.825 m³ of annual water savings.
50% reduction in maintenance time.
No need to store chemicals
An asset to the property, since it is not a cost but an investment


Pools at the Rubí Swimming Club: Treated with AQUASCENIC systems (hydrolysis + copper and silver ionization), automatic pH and redox management, plus communication via a computer, iPhone.

Installation and maintenance carried out by: Solatep (Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Barcelona).

Summary of the installation:
Progressively installed in each of four pools, between April/May and August 2013.


    Over the course of three months of operation (August to October):

  • The overall reduction in chlorine was around 80% and as the equipment is now installed and operating at optimum performance in all of the pools, it is hoped to reach 95% in the month of November.
  • Average annual financial savings estimated to be around 50% of the costs prior to installing the Aquascenic systems. Estimations for these calculations are based on the significant reductions in the following costs:
  • 50% in maintenance personnel and the handling of chemical products.
  • 50% in water replacement costs, as hydrolysis systems eliminate chloramines without needing to renew the water.
  • 5% in the use of hypochlorite and other chemicals.
  • With these savings the equipment will give a return on the investment in an estimated period of just 2.5 years. Not to mention the incalculable added-value for the club’s image, since swimmers now appreciate the improved water quality.
  • In the case of Rubí Swimming Club, Solatep will also choose to install the VistaPool remote monitoring system from Sugar Valley. The pools, therefore, have automation kits providing real-time displays of the pools’ production statistics, operations and parameters by means of a control panel with radio-frequency and Wi-Fi communication.

Real-life Example:

Installation: The Alicante early stimulation centre.

Equipment installed: UVScenic (Ultraviolet + Hydrolysis).

Six years in operation.