Bionet combines the effectiveness of the two most popular treatments in one system.

It functions through a natural process involving chlorination, flocculation and anti-algae steps without the use of chemical products.

You can enjoy a healthier, more ecological swim.



  • Dual system integrated into just one electronics box.
  • Each of the treatments improves the efficacy of the other.
  • Totally eliminates the use of chlorine and chemical products.
  • Easy to install in any type of swimming pool.
  • A guaranteed investment.



For your further comfort, all of the models are equipped with detachable touch screens, connected via a cable or through Wi-Fi, so you may control the water’s parameters without even leaving your home.

Over 15 different models that constantly maintain the water healthy, clean and crystal clear, with no work and no hassles.

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Over 20 different models which guarantee the safety of swimmers and the environment, at a minimal cost.

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The traditional water treatment method for swimming pools essentially consists of adding chlorine in any of its commercially available forms.

SALINE ELECTROLYSIS SYSTEMS bring a new concept in water treatment to your swimming pool, providing improved water quality, eliminating the need to handle chemical products and simplifying maintenance tasks, as it generates chlorine directly from the salt already dissolved in the water. The salt it requires to operate should be added to the pool at a concentration of 4 - 6 kg/m3 (5 - 6 times less than that of sea water). The system adds the salt to the water and produces chlorine (Cl2) at the anode of the electrolytic cell via the following electrolysis reaction:

2NaCl + 2H2O = 2NaOH + H2 + Cl2
(salt + water = sodium hydroxide + hydrogen + chlorine)

The chlorine dissolves in the water to form hypochlorous acid:

Cl2 + H2O = HOCl + HCl
(chlorine + water = hypochlorous acid + hydrochloric acid)

Hypochlorous acid oxidizes bacteria present in the water. As can be appreciated below, it also generates another product, active oxygen (O2), which adds further disinfection capacity to the process by sterilizing the water:

(hypochlorous acid = hydrochloric acid + oxygen)

Once the water is disinfected, the hydrochloric acid reacts with the sodium hydroxide in what is called a neutralization reaction, reverting back to salt and water. The hydrogen and oxygen atoms react to form water:

NaOH + HCl = NaCl + H2O
(sodium hydroxide + hydrochloric acid = salt + water)

The system, therefore, is a closed process in which none of the products are consumed. Salt only needs to be added to the water once, when the pool is first filled. Afterwards, small amounts should occasionally be added to replenish the salt lost with the water when cleaning the filters.

Chlorine generated by the electrolysis process destroys organic matter and pathogens in the water, before finally transforming back into sodium chloride (common salt).

The products are generated, act, decompose and are then regenerated. Which explains why the salt concentration remains practically constant.

SUGAR VALLEY brands based on the operating principles of saline electrolysis: HIDROLIFE, BIONET


The combination of two components with disinfecting activity, copper and silver, significantly increases the effectiveness of all of our systems. If, in the case of cold water, they are supplemented with the presence of a third compatible agent (chlorine), this activity increases geometrically.

The addition of metal ions as disinfectants in water appears to have been practised since ancient times. The Phoneticians used to place silver coins in ceramic and copper amphorae to help preserve water.

Ancient Greeks discovered that placing copper coins in earthenware jugs prevented water from spoiling. The Egyptians, however, would use silver coins to prevent water contamination.

During the Middle Ages, mothers were aware that feeding their children with silver spoons helped to protect them from many illnesses.

Several airlines use silver ions to preserve the water they give to passengers during flights. Silver ions are added to drinks, beers, liquors and wines in more than 70 countries.

In America, during the colonization of the old west, there was also a custom of placing a silver dollar in barrels of water to help preserve their contents.

Oxidation Reactions

The ion-producing reactions at the anode are:

Cu++ Cu2+ + 2e-

Ag++ Ag+ + 1e-

In 1971, C.V. James demonstrated that all silver salts are bactericides and that silver particles dissolved in water at a concentration of 10-5 are toxic to E. Coli and types of Bacillus bacteria.

The Cu/Ag ionization technology currently available was initially developed by NASA at the beginning of the space program, searching for a safe water purification method to take into space.

SUGAR VALLEY brands based on the operating principles of Cu/Ag ionization: BIONET, AQUASCENIC, ULTRAVIOLET